How I’m Saving on My Electric Bill with Google Home Hub + Reliant

Disclaimer :: Reliant sponsored this post to help us track electricity usage through its partnership with Google, but all opinions are our own.

Summer is coming. I don’t know about you, but I have a love/hate type relationship with these hot Texas months. I love the flexibility and freedom with my son’s school being out, but I dread the scorching heat and the inevitable rise in our electric bill.

Each summer month that we receive an electric bill, I cringe. Texas summers are no joke, and it takes a lot of A/C usage to keep the house comfortable . . . not super cool, just comfortable. Not to mention, with kiddos home 24/7, there are a lot of electronics being used more often.

Our summer budget is heavily based on our electricity usage, which takes a large chunk away from our “summer fun” outing money. Womp Womp. This is even after we’ve done our research to find the most affordable plan in our area. Year after year, Reliant has had the most affordable prices for us. 

I have a little summer secret for you . . . I’m actually looking forward to receiving our electric bills this year . . . even during the summer months! *GASP!* Why, you may ask? Because we’ve started using the Google Home Hub to keep track of our electricity usage through Reliant! Tracking our usage through the Google Home Hub has been a total game changer to cut back on electricity costs, and here’s why . . . .


I cannot stress enough how easy the Google Home Hub has been to use. Setup was a breeze. The Google Home Hub basically does everything for you to get started. Reliant provides step-by-step instructions and even a video to get your account connected to your Hub. The best and most easy feature has been the voice commands. All we have to do is ask Google whatever we want to know about our energy information. Seriously, all we have to do is ask. How easy is that?! 


Before we got our Google Home Hub, we’d have to load up the computer, login, and find our Reliant data to check out our energy usage. It’s not like it was crazy time-consuming before, but you know . . . kids . . . and #mombrain! When you think about doing something, you have little hands and little voices distracting you from all directions . . . and then all the other things you need to do or think about doing don’t get done.

Now, it’s as easy as saying “Hey Google, what is my Reliant energy usage?” or “Hey Google, when is my Reliant bill due?” as soon as the thought pops up in my mind. Boom. DONE! It’s that fast to check. 


The Google Home Hub creates a customized snapshot of our weekly Reliant electricity usage and even gives estimates of our expected electricity charges for the upcoming bill. This is great because it means there are no surprises! We’re able to conveniently monitor our energy usage through voice command and a simple tap on a screen to know what our next bill is looking like and when we should cut back on electronic luxuries to save some money.  

The Google Home Hub + Reliant duo has helped us save so much on our energy bill each month, and I know the electric bill during these next few Texas summer months won’t make me cringe. Now we have a little more money in the budget to put toward some fun family activities for the summer! 

Lauren S
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