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Fort Worth Moms — how many of you struggle to get enough fruits and veggies each day, both for yourself and those littles you love? I am happy to share with you Fort Worth’s first dedicated juice bar, JuiceJunkies! Finally, huh?

JuiceJunkies is my very first business and a long time dream. I was born and reared right here in good ‘ol Cowtown, but I most recently lived in New York City for ten years to pursue my dream of being on Broadway or dancing with the New York City Ballet. As you already know, NYC is known for its fine dining, shopping and entertainment, but the one thing they had that I loved the most was JUICE! I know I may sound like a nerd, but this was back in the 90’s and early 2000’s where there simply were not juice bars outside of New York or LA. Living in NY I could juice in the morning at home, and then I would walk into any health food store or juice bar and grab a green juice in the afternoon. The first time I ever tried fresh, raw, organic juice I couldn’t believe the way it made me feel. I had an immediate burst of energy, I felt great and overall it just made me happy! This instantly became an everyday routine for me. Juicing and healthy living in general are addicting. Once you start, you too will turn into a juice junkie!

When I moved back to Fort Worth, I wanted to share the greatness of juicing with my fellow Fort Worthians. The mission has always been the same — to provide a healthy alternative to fast food. It seems that so many people’s lives are on the go-go-go, especially moms like you. When it’s time to grab a bite or beverage for yourself and your kids, you want something fast, convenient and healthy! Enter JuiceJunkies!

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The store is designed to be grab-n-go. We offer over 20 raw, organic juices that have been cold pressed (a technique that extracts the juice by pressing it, not spinning it through a centrifugal juicer) so it will last three to four days. It is bottled in-house and ready for you to grab and enjoy instantly! We will also offer house-made raw and vegan grab-n-go snacks, almond milk, Holy Kombucha on tap, cold brewed coffee and superfood smoothies. I can assure you, your kids will love the juice, but they will really love the smoothies! These smoothies are packed with organic fruits and veggies and we do not use ice, so it’s all produce and no filler. Did I mention how delicious our juices are? Your kids will never know they’re eating healthy food.

In addition to our juices, I tried to think of a way to make eating healthy fun for the kids. I am sure you moms think about this everyday. So we’ve also made our superfood smoothies into popsicles. What’s more fun than eating on a cold, delicious popsicle that is actually really good for you? This is not an original concept, but I love the idea. My biggest fan of the smoothie popsicles, so far? My mom! She will eat a popsicle then come sneak attack me with a cold kiss on the cheek! Warm heart, ice-cold mommy lips! I am excited to share her favorite smoothie popsicle recipe with you, the Magic Carpet Ride. Enjoy!

JuiceJunkies is owned by Hillary Biedeger and will open later this Fall {address below}. You can follow Juice Junkies on Facebook for updates on their upcoming store opening and other juicy info. Once the store opens, check our their website for more information.

925 Foch Street
Fort Worth, TX 76107

{This post was written and sponsored by JuiceJunkies.}

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Juice Junkies Recipe


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