The Cost Savings of Consignment


Disclaimer :: This post is part of an editorial series, “Money Matters,” and is sponsored by Rhea Lana Keller/Southlake Consignment Event.

With the never-ending problem of children outgrowing their clothes and the constant running to the store to buy another outfit that is overpriced just to find out that it doesn’t fit in a month — it is a constant battle for all parents.

Once my oldest son ran out of clothes that weren’t given to us, I found myself in this exact situation. I had a sweet friend of mine introduce me to Rhea Lana’s. My first thought is that my precious first child is not going to have anything used. I can afford to get him what he needs, and it would be new. I decided to try out Rhea Lana’s first on a half-price sale day just to see what it was like, and boy was I glad I did. I came out of there with a full season of clothes for only $80. That’s right, he had church clothes, play clothes, and even some new toys for only $80. I quickly learned that Rhea Lana’s was the way to go!

I anxiously waited until the next event to shop for what he needed, and this time Christmas was right around the corner. So, of course, maybe even some Christmas gifts too! This time I got a pass to shop the first day, their pre-sale day. Now a perk with Rhea Lana’s is that the event is always free, but to get a pre-sale pass you have to volunteer, get a guest pass from a consignor, or thru an email. Once again Rhea Lana’s did not disappoint and my son was ready for the entire season, and had some Christmas toys for only $145. I soon found out the Rhea Lana’s was the only way to shop for my ever growing little boy.  

Rhea Lana’s shopping also became a mom’s night out, and I soon got another friend to come with me and shop for her two kids. We loved filling up the back of my car with great deals and coming home to show our husbands what amazing deals we found. After my second son, and many years already of Rhea Lana shopping, I was ready to start consigning and making some money back. My first time to consign I made more than $300 and this was mainly from clothes, shoes, and a few toys that my two boys didn’t play with anymore. I actually made more than I spent at Rhea Lana’s, so it was a win win.  

When you consign, you can choose to donate or pick up your items. If you donate with Rhea Lana’s of Keller/Southlake, the items will go to Chosen Ones which allows foster parents to come shop for FREE at their location!  

We have a consignment bin in each of my boy’s closets. Once they have outgrown something, we simply throw it in the bin. When consignment season comes around — which is twice a year and seasonally (fall/winter and spring/summer) — we pull out the items, enter them into the database, bring the items to Rhea Lana’s, and at the end of the event, we get a check and our items if we didn’t donate. You can also choose which items you want to donate and which you want to keep. Since you are a consignor, you can shop early too!

Consigning with Rhea Lana’s comes with so many perks that it was the sure way to go. Rhea Lana’s pays their consignors 70 percent and up to 80 percent with other new consignor referrals. They are the only consignment event that guarantees their items from loss, meaning if anything is missing when you pick up your items, they will pay you for it! My favorite feature that only Rhea Lana’s has is the complete voice entry. You don’t have to type anything to enter your items, and it saves so much time! Rhea Lana’s also offers live updates on your sales throughout the event and that can get addicting to see how much you are making! There’s also no waiting on your check for months with Rhea Lana’s. You get your check on consignor pick up day or a few days later if you decided to donate!

Since I have started consigning with Rhea Lana’s, I have helped my family stay on a budget when shopping for my two boys. During the events, I watch my sales go up with the live updates. I compare this to what I spent at the event shopping. I even sometimes come out ahead and end up still making money at the events. My consignor check essentially pays for my shopping at Rhea Lana’s of Keller/Southlake Children’s Consignment Event. The items at the store are priced 25 percent to 30 percent of the retail price. You can’t beat like new clothing for such great deals!

Rhea Lana’s to our family is the ideal way to go especially with our two growing boys and our budget.


Rhea Lana’s of Keller/Southlake Children’s Consignment Event is owned by April and Jason Cate. It is a biannual event happening every spring/summer and fall/winter.  


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