Summer Container Gardening with Calloway’s Nursery {Sponsored Post}


Disclaimer :: Calloway’s Nursery sponsored and created this piece on summer container gardening.

With summer in full force, keep the fun in the sun going with an easy gardening activity that the whole family will love. As clean eating grows in popularity, edible container gardening is a great way to make the most of the summer heat. Whether you grow your own herb garden for pizza toppings or heirloom veggies for a fresh salad, your garden is no longer limited to just the backyard. Add vibrant flowers for a beautiful pop of color to last you through the season.

Only a few materials and minimal space are necessary for container gardens to grow, making them ideal for first-time gardeners. Plus, with easy upkeep and accessibility, even your kids can join in on daily watering responsibilities.

The gardening experts at Calloway’s Nursery recommend choosing heat-tolerant herbs, plants, and flowers, such as Basil, Oregano, Celosia, Petunias, Moss Rose, and Sweet Potato Vine, to ensure the greatest success. Before planting, check the care tags to make sure the plants are compatible and can grow in the same container. To keep your container garden thriving in the Texas heat, pair with Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil, which contains moisture-retaining capsules and minerals designed for direct sun. Finish off with a brightly-colored planter or pot for extra visual interest.

Kids and adults alike will love watching their container garden grow throughout the summer. Follow these easy steps below from Calloway’s to create a beautiful container garden of your very own.

green chairMaterials:


To plant:

  1. Since containers can get heavy, decide where your container garden will be located before filling and planting.
  2. Arrange your selection of plants outside of the container.
  3. Place a piece of bark or a rock over the drainage hole(s) in the container to prevent soil from leaking.
  4. Fill the container about halfway with Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil.
  5. Using your trowel, dig holes about four to six inches apart in the soil. Remove the plants from their pots and place in the container.
  6. Fill the spaces around the plants with more potting soil, leaving at least one inch from the top of the top for watering.
  7. Add Calloway’s Professional Flower Food to the potting mixture.
  8. Water and add more potting mixture if needed.

To care:

  • Never let your soil dry out completely. During the summer, soil may need watering every day.
  • Water when needed until you see water coming out of the drain holes.
  • Feed your flowers regularly with Calloway’s Professional Flower Food.
  • Watch for common pests and apply a safe insecticide if needed.
  • Remove and replace plants that are not growing well to promote new growth.
  • Prune back plants that stop blooming.

flower potTo create your own container garden with your kids, find your nearest Calloway’s Nursery location here. Need assistance in-store? A Calloway’s gardening expert will be happy to help.

Share your finished creations using #CallowaysNursery for a chance to be featured on their social media.

Founded in 1986, Calloway’s Nursery is a garden center that offers fresh, high-quality plants, flowers and gardening and outdoor supplies, including: perennials and annuals, shrubs, trees, vines, seeds, fruits and vegetables, herbs, fertilizer, and more.

Calloway’s is headquartered in Fort Worth with 18 stores around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and one Cornelius Nursery in Houston. The company has more Texas Certified Nursery Professionals in its stores than any other nursery or garden center in Texas.

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