Safeway's 'My SimpleNutrition'

Who needs some help in the kitchen? Well we are excited to share this great new program with you! Tom Thumb, along with the other Safeway grocery stores, just launched a new shopping and meal planning program called My SimpleNutrition. It’s an online tool that offers personalized shopping lists, coupons, and suggested products, among other neat options.

Here’s how it works. You sign up using your Tom Thumb shoppers card (not a credit card, just a rewards card). This tracks your purchases for a six-month period. If you are making changes to your diet, My SimpleNutrition can help suggest alternative foods for your grocery list. For example, if you want to consume fewer carbs or less fatty foods, My SimpleNutrition will analyze what you previously purchased and offer alternatives that are in fact less fatty or have fewer carbs. This is also the case for special dietary needs, such as gluten-free, heart-healthy, and diabetic diets. If you haven’t made any purchases from Tom Thumb in the last six months, no worries. There are pre-compiled lists for various dietary needs. One thing I personally love is that when you are actually shopping in the store, many products are tagged with diet-specific labels, such as gluten-free or heart healthy. That’s GREAT if you are scanning for these products. You do not need to read every label known to man to find the perfect item.

My favorite feature with this tool is the grocery list option. You can add any item to a digital list, which is categorized by section of the store, and then have it emailed to you or printed out. How fantastic is that? The site also offers many coupons and special offers not found in the weekly circular. I simply clicked the deals I wanted, and they were magically loaded to my Tom Thumb card and my shopping list. Hallelujah, no carrying cut-out coupons to the store, which inevitably get lost in my purse.

Another helpful element of My SimpleNutrition is the plethora (yes, plethora) of recipes it provides. I don’t know about you, but I need all the help I can get when it comes to creative meal planning.

If I had one suggestion for the site, I would like to see an option for alternatives for common food allergens. Now I know my little one’s sesame allergy is not all that common, so I’m not hoping for the impossible here. But how great would it be if My SimpleNutrition offered an option for peanut-free products for those who deal with peanut allergies? Just imagine, peanut-allergy moms, all the products that do not contain peanuts (or made in a facility using peanuts) miraculously appearing on a your screen with just one click of a button. Heaven, right?

The wee one and I did tackle a shopping trip using my preloaded coupons and a grocery list created from My SimpleNutrition. It was certainly a success. I found some great deals on meat (which I love anyway from Tom Thumb) and some great produce. Here’s what we brought home:

All the goodies from our Tom Thumb visit!
All the goodies from our Tom Thumb visit!

Okay, okay, here’s one more because she’s so cute I can’t stand it:

Little Miss so proud of helping Mama shop and show off our buys.
Little Miss so proud of helping Mama shop and show off our buys.


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  1. Tiffany, I am right there with ya. And then there’s the dreaded meal or two before the shopping day when I’m putting stuff together that should probably NEVER mesh . . .

  2. I used to plan, but with my infant son all plans seem to get forgotten these days! We usually eat a lot of left overs from the one meal I get around to making now lol.

  3. I have a pre-made grocery list that I make several copies of and keep hanging by my fridge. That way, when we run out of something I can just put a check in the column next to the item instead of re-inventing the wheel/list each week. I have all the common items we purchase on a frequent basis listed in categories (produce, dairy, dry goods, etc.) as well as items such as spices/condiments/household products like paper towels, etc. that we might run out of. It really helps to not have to re-write the list every week and great to have them already categorized based on where they are located in the store. I also leave room at the end of the sheet to write out our meals for the week so it’s all on one page. πŸ™‚

  4. I choose the meals I want to make for the week, then make a grocery list using the ingredients we need. But then at the store, I like to browse the aisles too…so we usually end up with stuff not originally on the list…ha!

  5. Y’all I have an EVEN better idea. How about a personal chef??? Now THAT would be ideal. Of course, I couldn’t then afford any food, but hey . . . .


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