Discipline Discussions :: Momfessions Podcast :: Episode 32

Momfessions Podcast talks about disciplineDiscipline has been front and center in our homes during the pandemic. (And how many episodes include the phrase “during the pandemic”?) We also don’t mean “discipline,” as in the commitment to exercise daily or learn another language. We mean what happens when unwise choices and behaviors emerge from our children. It’s all about deciding upon, managing, and implementing consequences — and understanding our whys.

As a parenting website, Fort Worth Moms has published DOZENS of articles on the topic of discipline, but we decided to share about our own evolution with discipline, especially during the last seven months. 

Here’s a little taste of what we talk about: “Our disciplinary reasons and methods have shifted from ‘let’s change the behavior so that everyone is comfortable’ to ‘let’s look at what we’re doing and how it impacts the people around us.'”

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Original musical composition, “Play Time,” created by Jacob Tilton.



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