Mama, Break that Food-Shame Cycle :: Momfessions Podcast :: Episode 15

Momfessions-Podcast-15Back in 2019, Laura Anderson wrote an article for Fort Worth Moms called “Mama, Break that Food-Shame Cycle {with an Intuitive Approach to Eating}. It so resonated with Beth and Emily that they asked Laura to discuss the same topic more deeply in episode 15 of Momfessions, which also has the same name.

With lines like “you can trust yourself around food,” and dissecting the shame cycle that sometimes surrounds dieting, this is an important, practical, and helpful listen for any woman — mom or not. The discussion isn’t about the best way to lose weight or debating the healthiest lifestyle; the discussion actually tackles that sneaky “why.” Why do you diet? Why do you believe this or that about food, about your body size, and so on.

After you take a listen to this episode, check out the resources Laura mentioned:

Artwork provided by Emily Duke with original musical composition, “Play Time,” created by Jacob Tilton. 


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