Reducing Holiday Stress :: Episode 88


A woman puts her hands on her hand in a green shirt in front of a red backgroundStress during the holidays — any holiday, for that matter — comes from all sides! Stress from doing it all . . . financial stress . . . activity stress . . . family stress . . . exhaustion. Good news: It doesn’t have to be this way! Listen to this VERY HELPFUL and HOPEFUL episode filled with practical tips and a few laughs about how to manage through festive seasons without breaking.

Jennifer Pressley, a writer on the Collin County Moms team joined Emily to lend her expertise to the topic! After a varied career in fashion retail and ecommerce, Jennifer is now embarking on a new journey and in training to be a certified ADHD Life Coach for students and parents. She and her hubby of 15 years love globetrotting and have visited 21 countries together. When not shuttling her two kids (ages 10 and six) to activities, catch her staying active in her home gym, binge-watching Netflix, or savoring wine nights with pals.

Recommended Resources

To read Jennifer’s article, click: “3 Tips for Reducing Holiday Stress :: Navigating the Busy Season.” These are the questions she references in the article and in the podcast:

  1. What were your favorite past holidays? Why?
  2. What holds the most significance for you during the holidays? What are your top priorities?
  3. What activities do you genuinely want to engage in, both big events and small moments?

The featured resource highlighted in this episode is our in-depth guide to extracurricular activities. The guide aims to help you, dear reader, research extracurricular activities that serve to enrich your child’s life while ensuring a positive and well-rounded experience. Check it out:

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