Tethering Their Hearts to Home :: Episode 85

Teenage white daughter with brown hair hugging her older mother with blonde hairWelcome to Chanda, a member of our Beal Media social media content creator team! This is such an awesome topic — tethering our kids’ hearts to home. Newsflash: This happens WAY before they exist for young adulthood. Listen in as Chanda, a mom to three grown boys, gives practical advice about creating a home they want to come back to.

Recommended Resources

The featured resource highlighted in this episode is our in-depth guides to extracurricular activities. The guide aims to help you, dear reader, research extracurricular activities that serve to enrich your child’s life while ensuring a positive and well-rounded experience. Check it out:

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  1. Hi Emily and Chanda,

    As a mother of a young adult man and two middle teen year teens, I love this so much and love that, so far, my young adult child still lives at home while going to college and seems to enjoy being home, still. I hope when they do move out, they come home often because they want to.

    Wonderful interview.



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