What the Heck Is a Doula? :: Momfessions Podcast :: Episode 4


Momfessions Podcast

We had ALLLLLL the questions about what a doula is, how she can give support during birth, and if this magical lady could walk through all of motherhood with us. (Hey, hey #motherhooddoula.) Cate Wiggins, our friend from First Spring Doula, answered each and every questions — even the personal ones. Catch it all in this episode of Momfessions! 

Check out another blog post, “Hiring a Doula {Tips from the Inside},” for a list of questions and qualifications to consider. In this episode, we also mention the Stork Stories series, which has dozens of articles written by numerous moms. These posts discuss all the many ways we welcome children in the our families.

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Artwork provided by Emily Duke with original musical composition, “Play Time,” created by Jacob Tilton.


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