What to Do with Military-Focused Holidays :: Episode 87


Five kids holidng American flagsEver wonder what to do with military-focused holidays? Ever feel confused about what you’re supposed to do because there are so many mismatched traditions? Ever feel weird about discussing these holidays with your kids because you’re not sure of your own views?Ever wish you knew how to best support and celebrate military families around these holidays???? GOOD NEWS! Taylor Whitson, owner of Military Mom Collective, visits with Emily in this episode . . . and answers all those questions and more.

Confession: We know the audio has some rough parts, and WE ARE SORRY! It was a recording mistake. The ideas from the episode are so good, it’s worth a listen!

Recommended Resources

Taylor mentioned a book in the episode, Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood. Also, be sure to check out the webiste Military Mom Collective.

The featured resource highlighted in this episode is our in-depth guide to extracurricular activities. The guide aims to help you, dear reader, research extracurricular activities that serve to enrich your child’s life while ensuring a positive and well-rounded experience. Check it out:

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