7 Home Fire Safety Tips from a Firefighter Family

home fire safety plansAs a firefighter’s wife, I worry about my husband’s safety while he is on the job, but, at least, I know that when he is gone, our house is a little bit safer because he has checked our house for fire hazards.

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Now I want to share fire safety tips with you, so you can feel that much safer in your home — for you and your family.  

1. Always Sleep with Bedroom Doors Closed

It may take time for children to get used to this, and it might be harder if you have a very small child, but they are much safer with the door closed. 

2. Purchase and Learn How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

Many homes don’t have one, and they should. They can be used to put out small fires in your home. 

3. Check Smoke Detectors Regularly

Smoke detectors can be loud and scary to a child, but if we teach them what it sounds like and what it is for, it can help them be less afraid. Remember to check the batteries, too!

A calendar with a reminder to check the batteries in the smoke detector.4. Make an Emergency Escape Plan

This plan should include exits and how to get to them. You should teach children how to get low if there is smoke.  Practice your emergency drill twice a year. In practice it can even be a game to see who gets out the fastest, to help your children feel more at ease. Have a place to meet once you are outside the home.

5. Keep Lighters and Fire Starters Out of Reach

Children are curious, lighters might be seen as something fun to click off and on, but have the potential to be dangerous. Put them away and out of reach.

6. Keep a Watch on What You Are Cooking

If you are cooking something on the stove and need to leave it, turn off the burner. 

7. Do NOT Throw Water on a Grease Fire!

Get your extinguisher and extinguish it. Throw some cornstarch on it. But DO NOT throw water on it — that will make it flame up more. 

If you ever have questions about your smoke detectors, you can call your local fire department. Find the local non-emergency number, and talk to someone if you think one is not installed correctly or it won’t stop making noise after replacing the batteries. The fire department wants to keep you safe. Helping with prevention is something they enjoy doing.

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Many local fire departments have citizens fire academy in which residents can learn about what the fire department does and teaches fire safety. Check with your local fire department to see if there is class available close to you, including Fort Worth Citizens Fire Academy, North Richland Hills Citizens Fire Academy, and Mansfield Citizens Fire Academy.

Never underestimate the power of being prepared for the worst, especially when it comes to fire safety. Accidents and freak incidents do happen, but with a bit of preparation and discussion, you can sleep better knowing your family is safe.

Suzy joined the Fort Worth Moms (FWM) team in August 2021 as the community groups coordinator. In that role, she manages the 20 moms groups FWM offers to mothers in North Texas. Suzy is also a writer for FWM. Suzy was born and raised in Arlington. She comes from a big family. As the oldest of six, Suzy has always been the mama bear to friends and family alike. She is happily married to her best friend of 10 years, and they have two young children, Aurora (2016) and Benjamin (2019).


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