Hey Mama, Take Your Time

It seems that during this pandemic we have so much time on our hands than we once did. However, have we really taken the time to slow down and be in the moment? Are we more concerned about the next Netflix series to watch or what’s for lunch?

My advice? Be like a toddler. Have you noticed how most toddlers are focused and in the moment? I admire how focused they can be. What makes them happy is the focus!

This is the reason why I have truly enjoyed watching my two-year-old son develop. He is gaining his independence and pushing the limits. He is taking his time to explore all of his surroundings. He is absorbing everything. The outdoors is his favorite place to be. I appreciate mostly how he loves the outdoors and embraces every moment of his time out there.

One day he said, “Mommy, sit down.” So many thoughts went through my head in just that moment: The concrete is hot. What about the ants? Will he hurts himself lying on the concrete? But I decided to through caution to wind and sit down. His sister and I made it down to the grown next to him. 

He took time to admire the sky. “Airplane, Mommy, Airplane,” he said. In this moment nothing else mattered. It took me away from of all of thoughts of “what if.” Do I have dinner ready? What about the ants? What about the ground being too warm? Never mind all that. I took the time to enjoy that precious moment with my son and daughter. I really appreciate how he slowed me down. I appreciate how he takes his time and enjoys every moment. I was so thankful and blessed to have that moment appreciating the wonders of God and all that He created. That moment was so needed to wind down my mind and breath for a moment. 

As a toddler, who is gaining knowledge every moment, his brain is firing off every second it seems. I watch my son go from one thing to the next. Once he has mattered that tasked or unable to master a task, he goes to the next. If it is something that really catches his attention, he stay there for a while. Either way, he delights in the moment. 

What will happen if I take his approach to life? Life through the eyes of a two year old. First, I would address all of my needs before the next person. As a full-time wife, mom, and nurse, my self-care schedule has been rescheduled for days at at time. Second, I would savor the moments that brings me joy. It is important to be in the moment. Last but not least, I would take time to admire what Creator God has created. I would be more thankful for those things, delight in those things, and share the joy with someone else.

I am so thankful for that moment on the concrete. So from now on, I will be more mindful of taking my time.

Alesha is a native of Mt. Pleasant, Texas. After graduating from TCU with her nursing degree, she later met her true love, Troy Brown Sr. She started her journey to motherhood at the age 40. Along with being a wife, motherhood is her truest joy. It is never a dull moment with her son and daughter, both under the age of two. Alesha enjoys singing, scrapbooking, and watching Law & Order with her husband.



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