Hey There Mom, You Did It!


Hey there Mom, you did it!

Let out that sigh of relief . . . of accomplishment. If I had a blue ribbon, I’d give you one.

March something or another was a long time ago; you’ve lived a lot of life since spring break. You’ve made meals upon meals and snacks upon snacks and video conferenced and threatened silence and woke up early and stayed up late.

You might not believe me when I say that you’ve done well. You know the failings and all the things you should have done with this “extra time.” You remember yelling and crying and saying “I’ll allow it” more times than you yourself can believe. You’re privy to the screen time, the negotiating, the giving up, and the giving in. It’s true; these thoughts floated through your mind: I hate this. I wish they would leave me alone. I want to escape. When will this be over?

I can’t take any more.

But you did.

Moms celebrate making it to back to school season in 2020.I’m not celebrating us strolling in with flat abs and well-rounded kids. I’m not counting success as everyone made it to September better off or in better health. I’m celebrating the wonderful fact that we made it. You made it to today. That matters.

Yeah I know this “made it” doesn’t mean our sigh of relief ends in rest. We are trading one hard for another that comes in the form of virtual school or in-person school and who knows what else. This switch of seasons will still be . . . wait for it . . . unprecedented, but we C-A-N make it.

We already have.

Here’s to you, Mama. You’ve come so far, and we are so proud.

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