How to Become a Local Rock Artist

A rock painted with the words "You Rock."Have you heard about the Kindness Rocks Project? Have you stumbled upon a painted rock when out and about? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. I had heard about grown-ups painting rocks and hiding them for others to find a long time ago.

At first, I thought it was silly. However, when my daughter found a rock at our local park, I knew it was a new hobby we’d have to start together.

Great Summer Activity

My daughter got us started when we took walks around the trail at Veterans Park in Arlington. She found our first painted rock there. It was an emoji rock.

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She was fascinated with rocks at the time and had created a collection of pretty, natural rocks for herself. So when she found this painted one, I knew it was game over. We immediately went to buy some river rocks and paint, so we could get in on the game. 

Local Rock Groups on Social Media

When we found our first rock we were living in Arlington. On the back of the rock, it said to post a picture on Facebook to the Arlington Rocks page. I immediately followed directions. That’s when I discovered this community of rockers.

Many local cities have their own individual rock groups you can join. Along with Arlington Rocks, there’s one for HEB, Grapevine Rocks, Wise County Rocks, Denton County Rocks, and many, many others. If you find a rock with a group’s name on the back, be sure to snap a picture and join its Facebook group, so you can share the picture and that you found it.

You can also post an update when you hide your own rocks so followers know that they can find some at a nearby park, or wherever. Parents especially love to take their kids and know they will have some luck.

Traveling Rocks

I have been known to paint a bunch of rocks before a road trip and drop them along pit stops. Many rockers do this, and they love to see their artwork travel around the globe. In fact, my husband found a bunny rock the other day when he went to his allergy doctor’s office in Keller. He almost left the rock, but he knew that I would appreciate seeing it and posting it to the town’s Facebook page. 

Guess what? It turns out that rock had traveled from Oroville, California! The painter had only painted it the week before! It was so nice to make her smile when she saw where her rock had been found. 

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Parr Park Rock Art Trail

During the pandemic in 2020, a rock art trail was created in Parr Park in Grapevine. As many of us were trying to break the monotony of quarantine, we would take long walks outside. So, the rock trail became a great place to spread kindness through that dark time in our recent lives. It was even nominated for the Guinness Book of World Records! You can still find the trail today, and also add to the art if so inclined! 

Rainbow of painted rocks.

I wouldn’t call myself an artist, but I do enjoy painting rocks. Even though I thought it was silly at first, I really do enjoy finding the rocks alongside my children. It spreads joy for us and others and I can’t think of a better family activity. 

Jennifer was raised in Louisiana and moved to DFW right after college. She's been in Texas for 16 years. She and her husband have two beautiful daughters who are as different as night and day. That second born keeps everyone on their toes! Jennifer is a full-time stylist for a subscription company while her husband’s career takes him all over the world. While they’re never sure when and where he will be, Jennifer has become quite adept at balancing work from home while also being a stay-at-home mom with the two year old constantly by her side. When not at home, Jennifer is running the girls to all their extracurricular activities or squeezing in family road trips. Her goal is to take her girls to all 50 states.


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