One Day :: A Tribute to Motherhood in the Trenches


Dedicated to all the mamas who often think about the “one day” while taking care of their littles today. 

One day I will sleep in, but today my alarm was a child busting into our room like a tornado declaring, “MY CLOCK IS GLOWING!”

One day I will enjoy waking before my kids, but today that means getting out of bed at 5:30 a.m., and that is just NOT happening. 

woman and baby

One day I will put on my makeup in peace, but today I put it on and watched my toddler be entertained with an entire roll of toilet paper and a box of tampons. 

One day I will leave the house with my teeth brushed, but today I rely on Colgate Wisps in my minivan

One day I will have a nice couch from Pottery Barn, but today I have a 10-year-old mustard yellow couch whose cushions have been used as a fort and flipped so many times there is no hiding the milk/formula/juice/etc. stains. 

One day I will enjoy chocolate like the lady on the Lindor commercials, but today I find chocolate and have to smell it before I eat it. 

One day I will have a clean floor, but today my sock stuck to dried fruit juice, milk, and a science experiment gone wrong. 

One day my house will smell of Magnolia candles, but today I smell dirty diapers, poor toilet aim, and Lysol. 

One day I will finish a load of laundry from washing to hanging up, but today I am pretty sure those clothes have been sitting in the basket (clean) for nine days. 

One day my Amazon account will suggest adult shows, but today my recommendations were Daniel Tiger, Dino Dan, and Pokémon

One day I will not recall any Pokémon, but today I can name and catch ’em all. bad day

One day I will wear my earrings again, but today I nearly lost an ear lobe when I tried to look pretty. 

One day I will go to the bathroom and no one will care, but today a chorus of screams, yells, and tantrums sung so loudly that the neighbors could hear. 

One day I will wear my Tory Birch perfume, but today my fragrance consists of deodorant and hand sanitizer. 

One day I will Marie Kondo the crap out of my closet, but today I found something from 1999 and considered wearing it because it was stain-free. 

One day I will meet with my BFF weekly, but today we go for months without seeing each other and communicate via Marco Polo just to remember what we look like. 

One day I will get a regular French tip manicure, but today my tips came courtesy of Triple Paste diaper cream

One day I know I will miss these days, but not today.

Today, I am tired. 


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