Resources to Help with Summer Reading

Young children laying on their stomaches in the grass reading.Summer is a great time to read with your children! There are a lot of great resources around the Fort Worth area that can make reading fun, even during the summer. 

Reading in summer is a fantastic opportunity not only to strengthen your kiddo’s reading skills, but also to build a love for reading.

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Ideas to Inspire Reading 

This summer, try a reading challenge. It is a simple, high-impact strategy to combat “summer slide.” Challenges could include making a personal goal to read for 20 minutes a day, participating in a local reading contest, and even a page-count challenge (who can read the most pages).

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Making reading a game can also be as simple as passing the book back and forth: You read a page and your child reads a page. Then discuss what you read.

Draw funny flashcards to go along with the story and what you picture is happening. That works well with chapter books, which don’t have as many pictures compared to picture books.

Many libraries participate in some kind of online program like Beanstack that gives you points and digital badges the more you read. It is also a way to see some of your friends and what they are reading. Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? 

If you don’t participate in a virtual challenge, you can easily make a reading spreadsheet at home. Draw four columns on a piece of paper and label them:

  • Name of Book
  • Number of Pages Read
  • Minutes Read
  • Completed.

Draw several rows down the length of the page. As your child reads during the summer, fill out the spreadsheet.

Award stickers or prizes when he or she reads a certain number of pages, minutes, or finishes a book. The prize can be something as simple as going to the library to check out some new books! You and your child decide what works as a prize for reading. 

In addition to the library, there are summer reading challenges at several bookstores and websites. Many schools also offer access to their online library during the summer, so don’t forget to ask.

No matter how you do it, it’s important your kiddo keeps his or her reading skills sharp. Don’t forget to set a good example and read yourself! 

Two teens read books. One sits on a skateboard.Fort Worth Libraries

The Fort Worth Library already has its summer reading information posted on its website. Its special summer kickoff event is June 3 from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. at Trinity Park. There are special character story times with characters such as Pete the Cat, Llama Llama, and more!

The character-themed story times are a fun way to encourage your child to read. When kids interact with that character and learn more about those books, and they usually want to check out the books featuring that character!

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Did you know the Fort Worth Library also has a children’s-only library? Reby Cary Youth Library is specifically for children and families. It’s a lovely library with lots of books, a learning play area, a makers space, and a courtyard.

Hurst Euless Bedford Libraries

The Hurst, Euless, Bedford area does HEB Reads during the summer. All three have libraries with areas for children and summer reading programming. Their kickoff event is Saturday May 20 from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. at Pennington Field. Look for reading prizes throughout the summer!

Other Libraries in the Fort Worth Area

Don’t forget to check out these other amazing libraries around Fort Worth! Each will have unique summertime reading opportunities.

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