When Discipline Goes Too Far :: When & How to Speak Up

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Discipline discussions is an editorial series by Fort Worth Moms.The loud, harsh voice. Aggressive body language and actions. It’s hard to sit on the sidelines and watch as a parent loses his or her or cool with a child. There’s discipline and then there’s discipline that goes too far. And that’s called child abuse. 

Of course no parent is perfect. I’ve been short with my daughter and raised my voice with her. As the words leave my mouth, I feel terrible. Later, I apologize and use it as a teachable moment to demonstrate humility and remorse. 

But what happens when you witness a child becoming a victim of abuse or suspect a child is being mistreated, whether it’s verbal, sexual, or physical? What can you do? How do you step in and what tools do you have as an “outsider?”

A good first step, whether you have questions or need immediate assistance, is to reach out for help. You do not have to be 100% certain, have all the details, or even have a clear understanding of what is considered abuse or not. If you feel like something is off, ask for help. You can’t vet or remedy the situation; ask for help from others who can — and ask immediately. However, if the abuse is imminent or someone has confided in you, contact authorities immediately. Call 911. Don’t wait. Don’t be talked out of it. Get help.

Fort Worth Moms has compiled a list of other resources you can use if you witness or suspect child abuse.

baby crying in cartFort Worth Resources for Child Abuse

These local resource will help answer questions you have about the signs of child abuse, what you can do, and how to get the child to a safe place. 

ACH Child and Family Services

Alliance for Children

CASA of Tarrant County

Department of Child Protective Services 

Moms answer the question what it is like to parent a kid with ADHDArticles and Resources About Child Abuse

Over the years, Fort Worth Moms has had several articles, as well as a Momfessions Podcast episodes, that address child abuse. Some are about parenting after being a victim of abuse and other are specific to what to do. 

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