Why I Chose to Use Safety Leashes for My Kids

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Before I became a mom, I had a lot of opinions on parenting. Who didn’t? One of my opinions was I thought child safety leashes were cruel and unusual. I swore I would never use them.

That is . . . until I had my daughter. She was, and kinda still is, a runner. As soon as I let go of her hand, she’s gone. She isn’t as bad about it now as she used to be, but she still wanders. A three-year-old’s attention span is really short after all.

Consider using a leash on kids who are runners to keep them safe.

She learned to walk around 15 months old, and my husband and I did a dry run of her walking around the store with us just holding onto the basket, and it didn’t go well. She was all over the store and almost got ran over more times than I could count! We decided to give the safety leashes a try.

We ordered one on Amazon that had a backpack attachment. My daughter chose a purple penguin backpack, which was a hit! She wanted to wear it everywhere! She wanted to wear it around the house, wearing her backpack and carrying the leash in her hand.

Here are a few from Amazon to consider: 

Now that my daughter is three years old and my son is about to turn two, we have two leashes. My son chose a blue owl backpack for his. The safety leash we use for him has three sections that connect to the backpack, his wrist, and the leash itself. This way you can use just the leash or use it with the backpack.

Safety First

My main reason for choosing to use safety leashes was simply to improve my kids’ safety.

My kids’ safety is always my first priority when I’m out in public with them. I hear scary stories about kids being snatched out of a grocery cart while the mom is reaching for something off of a store shelf, and I don’t want to risk it.

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Most of the time, I attach one end of the safety leash on the the shopping cart, but I also make sure to leave a hand on the buggy at all times. If I need both hands to be free, I will attach one end of the leash to my belt loops or the diaper bag straps.

The leashes has made a huge difference for my family knowing that my kids are safe. Plus, they have fun swinging their bracelets. It keeps them entertained!

My kids love to use their safety leashes.

Outside Opinions

I really thought I would get a lot of ugly stares and rude comments. But the opposite has actually been true!

I am approached at least once every time I go to the store by someone saying how happy they are that I’m putting my kids’ safety as a priority or asking me where I got them from.

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I’ve even had older generations come up to me saying how they wished they had them when their kids were young.

My kids don’t feel restricted with the safety leashes. In fact, they love them! They call them their “bracelets,” and ask me for them any time we get out of the car, even when we don’t need them!

Born and raised in Fort Worth, Ginni (pronounced Jih-nee) graduated from Paschal High School, and then attended Texas Wesleyan University and Tarrant County College as an English and Spanish double-major. Currently she is wife to Jose and mommy to Elena (2018) and Santiago (2020). In her spare time, she enjoys embroidery and reading novels. Jesus and coffee are the two things that get her through the day.


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