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Stork storiesThere I was, eight months pregnant with swollen feet, kicked back, snuggling up with my favorite blanket on the couch in my living room. 

My husband asked as he strolled into the room, “So, what’s the birth plan?”It was such a simple question with a huge punch. “Birth plan? Oh, yeah . . . I guess I should do that . . .” I had replied in a nonchalant tone, and together we made a few birth planning jokes (like giving birth in a castle while being fed grapes . . . HA!), but inside I was absolutely terrified.

During the topic of birthing options in our birth class, I had cringed my loins tight and pushed that terrible thought of pushing a watermelon out of my who-ha as far back in my mind as possible. 

My husband reminded me every so often about that dreaded birth plan and I’d shrug it off. This time though, I had to face it head on. I was about to pop and didn’t want to be “unprepared” when it was time to have my baby. 

After minutes, hours, and dayyysss of turmoiling over how I ideally wanted to birth this beautiful baby, I did it! I created a written birth plan with goals and everything.

Once I had made my plan, the stress and fear of giving birth had kind of melted away. I knew what I was going to do and that was that. 

My Simplified Birth Plan Goals

-Labor at home as long as possible.

-No medicine.

-Vaginal birth.

The Original Due Date (March 20, 2016)

The following Sunday at exactly 4:00 p.m., contractions had started. My heart palpitated with excitement. I wobbled to my husband and exclaimed, “OUR SON IS COMING SOON!!!”

My husband did the massages, I practiced all of the breathing techniques, and I moved around as much as I could to help alleviate the labor pains. 

Laboring at Home (March 20-22, 2016)

By Monday afternoon, the mucus plug dislodged, and I labored at home until I just couldn’t take it any more. My contractions were a consistent three minutes apart and lasted for what felt like a lifetime.

It was early Tuesday morning at around 3:30 a.m. when I decided it was time to go to the hospital. I rallied my husband and mom, and off we went. 

We were going off 35.5 hours in labor . . . and counting . . . 

By the time we got to the hospital, my contractions were less than one minute apart. I was sure I was going to have to start pushing any second. My stomach hardened and pain shot through me with every contraction. 

There was no question that I was in labor and was admitted into the hospital right after my exam. 

Change of Plans – Medication

When the doctor told me I was STILL one centimeter dilated, I immediately dropped the most passion filled curse word of my life Birthing Goalsand said, “I want an epidural!” You see, I had been one centimeter dilated for over a week already.

I was mentally and physically exhausted. I wasn’t dilating. My water wasn’t even close to breaking. My contractions had been hitting hard non stop for hours upon hours. 

I was done.

I had nothing to prove to anyone. I didn’t want to be miserable anymore, and I didn’t have to be.

Getting an epidural became my number one birthing goal. 

After being hooked up to all the monitors, my mom noticed Hardin’s heart beat slow with every contraction. She asked the doctor about it and they said everything was okay and that they were keeping an extra eye on us. 

I didn’t get my epidural until 11:00 a.m. that Tuesday, and I took the best nap of my entire pregnancy after I got it. I remember at one point I woke up to my mom saying “WHOA THAT CONTRACTION IS OFF THE CHART!” while looking at the hospital monitor. 

I smiled, said “that’s nice,” and went back to sleep. 

A little bit later, I chose to get pitocin to help me dilate more. My husband and I chuckled with the humor that I had put “NO MEDICINE” in huge bold letters on my birth plan. HA!

After BirthWhen Things Went South

A couple hours after the pitocin, I was only four centimeters dilated. The doctor decided to break my bag of waters and saw that my baby had pooped.

In addition to poop in the water, his heartbeat began slowing even more with every contraction.

The doctor left the room and came back in with another doctor. They explained that they were worried that if I pushed, Hardin’s heart would stop, and that his poop in the water was very dangerous for him as well.

I told the doctors I trusted them and to do whatever was needed to keep my baby safe. 

The C-Section

Minutes later, I was lying stark raving naked in a freezing cold operating room being tugged by nurses and blinded by bright lights. I couldn’t feel my body from my boobs down. My body was trembling. Tears began streaming down my face. I was trying not to panic. This was not what I had planned. 

My husband was next to me whispering sweet encouragements in my ear.

The doctors told me I was about to feel a push and then I heard the most beautiful sound: My son’s voice. 

Even though majority of my birth plan went wrong. In that moment, everything was absolutely perfect. 

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