25 Rituals to Build Relationship Roots with Your Child

mom and child huggingRaspberry jelly-filled donuts make me feel seen and loved. My husband and kids all know that when I was a little girl, my dad would take me out for this special treat, which became our ritual. Now, when they offer me a small white paper bag, they’re honoring our shared family history.

Having a “thing” with each of my children continues to connect us, even though they’re all adults now. Try one of these rituals to build relationship roots with your own child.

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Ritual Ideas that Build Relationship

  1. After dinner (or afterschool) walk

2. Back-and-forth, mom-and-me journals

3. Backwards dinner (dessert first)

4. Bad day dance party

5. Camp in the backyard

6. Do nothing mental health day

7. Do random acts of kindness

8. Evening car rides

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9. Fill a gratitude jar

10. Friday night make-your-own pizza

11. Hammock in the backyard

12. Hide love notes for each other

13. Make a handed-down family recipe

14. Make arts and crafts projects

15. Milkshake date

16. Monthly matinee movie date

17. Plant and maintain a garden

18. Saturday breakfast out

Mom and daughter enjoy making cookie dough together in the kitchen.

19. Special “I Love You” phrases

20. Take turns storytelling at bedtime

21. Try a local hiking trail

22. Visit a new, local park

23. Visit Arlington Foodie’s Farmer’s Market

24. Watch planes at Founder’s Plaza at DFW Airport

25. Weekly library visits

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Heather has called the Fort Worth area home since 1995, after growing up as an Army brat and preacher's kid. She's married to her college sweetheart, Chris (Sic' Em Bears!). Their kids include Collin (1999) and his wife Elizabeth (1999), Cooper (2001), and Caris (2004). Heather is the co-founder and executive director of the nonprofit organization, The Adoptee Collective, which offers lifetime adoptee support and post adoption resources, as well as pre-adoption education. Heather is also a TBRI® Practitioner. Heather has authored and published multiple books and she finds joy in using her gifts, time, and energy toward her life goal to finish empty.


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