Five Reasons Why Honesty Is the Best Policy

Unfortunately, honesty can be hard to come by at times. Heck, I’ve been the one being dishonest, and I’ve learned the hard way that it truly is better to just tell the truth.

Here are five reasons why being honest is easier in the long run . . . 

  1. It’s less stressful. Have you ever told a lie and then worried the people or person you lied to would find out? I have . . . and it’s stressful, y’all! Keeping up with a lie can cause all sorts of internal worry. Don’t put that type of anxiety and stress on yourself. 
  2. It’s one less thing to remember. As parents, we have to remember ALL THE THINGS. The diapers, the wipes, the changing mat, the bottles and/or sippy cups, the snacks, the favorite toys, the extra pair of clothes when potty training, etc. . . . and those are things we have to remember JUST for the kids when leaving the house. We also have to keep up with things like Social Security numbers, when the household needs more toilet paper, and when the dogs need their annual vaccinations. You get the picture, and you know the list really is endless. Sometimes when we tell a lie, no matter how small, it’s just one more thing we need to remember or keep up with. Referring to item one here too . . . more things to remember equals more stress. 
  3. It strengthens relationships and builds trust. I’m a firm believer in treating others the way you want to be treated and respecting others with the same respect you expect from others. I am so very appreciative of all the times people are honest, whether with me or with others. Being honest can build trust in any relationship. The truth can be HARD and can hurt, but it’s harder and hurts more when you find out you’ve been lied to. Plus, when you’re the one being dishonest, it still hurts and can cause damage to your relationships.
  4. It saves some drama. For real, we have enough mama drama with bickering kiddos or toddlers throwing tantrums daily. Why chance having MORE drama from dishonesty when you can just be honest and move forward? Now, I’m not saying that telling the truth won’t cause drama because you can’t control how others react to your honesty. However, I’m going to throw this out there . . . you can control the way in which you tell the truth. For example, be gentle with your truth if the person you’re being honest with is a sensitive soul.
  5. It brings good karma. I am a believer in karma. If you put good juju out into the universe, somehow, someway that good juju finds its way back to you. I believe the same goes for bad juju too. 

If you’ve lied or have been dishonest, you’re not alone. Trust me. We’ve ALL been there. We’ve ALL done that. Today is a new day, a day we can work on being more honest with each other. Here’s to honesty, friends! 

Lauren S
Lauren is a gardener, amateur chicken rancher, and semi-pro Pinterest recipe tester who has mastered the art of reheating her morning coffee and evading the endless requests for snacks. Whether it’s solo traveling across the country or a picnic lunch in her front yard, she ensures her life each day is an adventure. With a professional background in sales, social media management, marketing, and business administration, Lauren is the embodiment of the organized creativity that’s reflected through her writing and work as sponsorship director and media coordinator for Collin County Moms , Dallas Moms, and Fort Worth Moms. Lauren resides in the Mid Cities with her husband, Sam, and three children.



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