Girls Night Made Easy


Girls Night“We need a girls night!” You’ve heard it a million times from your friends, haven’t you? Most likely when you run into them during a hurried trip to the grocery store or in the form of Facebook comments.

Time with our girlfriends is something we all need, but with everyone’s packed schedules, it’s almost impossible to achieve. It may take a week for everyone to decide on a date/time, and then once that’s done, you have to agree on a location/activity that you haven’t done a million times before. (I mean, I know you love Joe T’s, but let’s try something new!) Once everything is decided, you should start a betting pool, though, because someone is going to bail because of a sick kid or last-minute work commitment, right?

Forget it. Let’s just keep this mass text going with inside jokes and pretend like we’re in the same place drinking our wine together.”

Don’t give up! I have some quick tips that will enable you to plan a great time with your friends in the Fort Worth area, and you won’t feel like pulling your hair out in the process. I can’t do anything about the bailers, but it happens to the best of us. I’m sure they’ll catch the next one.

The Game Plan

I’m willing to bet you have a mass text like this somewhere on your phone.


They go on for days and eventually someone leaves the conversation vowing to never hang out with you people again. I say avoid this mess and use Doodle. It’s a simple website that allows you to suggest various dates to your friends, and then they eliminate those that don’t work for them. Say goodbye to the mass text forever.

The Fun

Going to the same old place and having the same old conversation can be great, and it’s definitely the easiest thing to do, but I say explore! We live in a great town and trying a new restaurant or activity will enable you and your friends to start different conversations and connect on another level. Check out some of these places; I know you’ll be glad you did.


Brewed. They have the best coffee in town; the most incredible chicken and waffles I’ve ever tasted; and the decor is vintage, eclectic, and beautiful – a perfect place to soak in without your kiddos. They have brunch on weekends until 2:30 and breakfast during the week until 11:00 a.m. The wait list can stack up, but they have a large outdoor waiting area and the coffee/tea bar is walk-up so you can enjoy some java in the meantime.


IMG_3154Shopping/Afternoon Out

I’m not a fan of shopping for clothes with my friends (or any humans for that matter, I can spend hours in the dressing room), but I love home shopping with them. The next time your friends decide an afternoon works best, and you don’t want to center your outing around food, check out The Old Home Supply in the Fairmount District, just south of downtown. It’s a Fort Worth staple. They have droves and droves of antiques and architectural pieces (claw foot tubs! doors! fountains!). In a word, it’s incredible, and you’re sure to walk away with something unique for your home.

If y’all have fun there, check out some local estate sales. You’ll get to explore some of Fort Worth’s most beautiful neighborhoods, find even more treasures for your home, and it will feel like more of an adventure. The easiest way to find estate sales is on Tip: Sunday afternoons are usually half-off.


Currently, my favorite place for dinner is FnG Eats in the Keller Town Center. The food is delicious, the prices are reasonable, and it has an urban feel right in the heart of the suburbs. They also have a cozy outdoor space and in-house, crafted cocktails – a perfect setting for a girls night. If you choose FnG, don’t miss the Triple Threat Dip or a Manhattan from the bar.


Just because we’re moms doesn’t mean we can’t head to the bar every once in a while, right? But, if you’re like me most of the time, the music is too loud, the people are too many, and you walk out feeling about 20 years older than you actually are. Let me introduce you to Thompson’s. Located Downtown, on Houston Street, Thompson’s is a literary-themed lounge that serves fantastic cocktails and will make you feel like you’re out for the night in New York instead our beloved Cowtown. The walls are lined with books, the speakers play moderately volumed Sinatra, and there is a lovely shortage of college kids doing shots at the bar. If you and the ladies are looking for an even later night (you know, like 11:00 p.m.), there is a speakeasy located in the basement with an entirely different theme and passwords that change weekly. Check out its Facebook page for the latest password.

In summary, spend some time with your girls and try to step outside your comfort zone when you do it. It will make you a better mom and a better friend. Long live girls night!

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Hayley was born in Fort Worth and raised in the small, nearby town of Bridgeport. She married her husband, Derric, in 2009 and before settling back in Fort Worth, they made stops in Washington D.C., Dallas, and San Antonio. Isabelle Story arrived in 2014, and Hayley is lucky enough to spend her days at home with her precious girl . . . although they’re rarely actually at home as Isabelle likes to see and be seen. Apart from her family, books are Hayley’s passion. She is an avid reader and her lifelong dream is to write a novel. If she isn’t chasing Isabelle or stuck in a book, you can find her exploring this city she adores, trying new restaurants with Derric, doling out reading recommendations, running at a local park (in bad form), at Kyle Field watching her beloved Aggies, or making irresponsible decisions at a local Half Price Books.



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