Happy FOURTH Anniversary, Neighbor Groups :: {GIVEAWAY}

On this day four years ago, Fort Worth Moms launched some of the best little villages in Tarrant County! Fast forward to 2020 and these online Facebook groups aren’t so little anymore. We now have 19 Neighbor Groups that reach beyond Tarrant County and into Parker, as well as Denton County. These villages have grown so much, all while cultivating community, friendshsips, and fun!
This is certainly cause for celebration! And how do we like to celebrate? With a giveaway for YOU, of course!
Fort Worth Moms is giving away a Kendra Scott necklace and earring set — valued at $100+ — to one lucky Neighbor Group member. Each Neighbor Group will post a giveaway link within their individual Facebook groups. The winner will be chosen randomly and emailed on Thursday, February 6, 2020. The winner will be emailed using the email she uses to submit her entry, so double check your email is entered correctly!
Celebrate with us by joining one of our Neighbor Groups today and snag your chance to win! Not only will you be eligible for this killer giveaway, but you will also be connecting yourself with a fantastic community of fellow mothers.

What IS a Neighbor Group?

FWM Neighbor Groups are our solution for taking the big metroplex and making it feel smaller. We take the online FWM community and foster real-life, face-to-face friendships and support systems for moms. Neighbor Groups exists throughout Tarrant County, from Keller to Cleburne, from Aledo to Arlington, and everywhere in between. We have localized Neighbor Groups, topical Neighbor Groups such as Tarrant County Area Food Allergy Moms, and a Tarrant County Moms Conversation Neighbor Group to connect ALL the moms in and around a big part of North Texas. Each group has an assigned Neighbor Group leader, who facilitates discussion and represents her neighborhood/interest group. The Neighbor Group leaders for our localized groups also plan monthly play dates for the members of their groups. Our hope is to create a safe place for mothers from all walks of life to share their story and to receive encouragement.

2020 Neighbor Group leaders photograph
Credit: Birth & Life Photography, https://birthandlifephotography.com/

How Can I Join? 

It’s simple! There are no fees, no memberships, and no minimum attendance or participation requirements. When you visit the Neighbor Group Facebook page you wish to join, you simply click the “Join” tab or input your name into the “Add Members” field. Once you have answered a few questions, you’re in! 

What Areas Have Neighbor Groups?

Below is a list of our current groups. These boundaries are general, so feel free to join as many groups as you’d like. Click the name to be directed to that group’s Facebook page.

We are waiting for you, mama!


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