Tips to Work, Live and Be In Love with Your Spouse

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I am so blessed to work, live and be in love with my husband of almost 6 years. Within the last 3 years we have gone from 2 to 3 by having our baby boy and opened our own business together. It’s been a period of learning and adjusting to say the least. Just like rearing your children, there is no “right” way to do things. You have to see what works for you and your family, right?


That being said, I do have a few tips that have helped us stay healthy, happy and in love.

  • Schedule! We have a google calendar and we schedule out work time, date nights and play time or fun things we are doing. It’s clear that when we aren’t scheduled for something, it’s a no work time. It’s important to be balanced.
  • Watch your temperament. Unlike the typical work atmosphere, you do have to live with your co-worker. So always be respectful, patient and kind. Confrontation will happen, but try to end the conversation on a positive note followed by a kiss (yes, that’s a perk).
  • Always remind each other of roles and priorities. I’m willing to do a lot for the business but my son comes first to me and is my #1 job. So I usually let go of certain projects to make sure I’m taking care of #1. My husband takes pride in taking the majority of ownership in the business so that he can provide for our family. It’s rewarding to us both to be providing in our own unique ways.
  • Never lose sight of your love. I know that no matter what, my husband is the love of my life and we will be together for the rest of our lives. The business comes 3rd, our family comes 2nd and our marriage comes first. We continuously work on our marriage and make sure we are solid. If ever that is off kilter, it is worked out before anything else. I fight for my man and I always make sure the fire is still lit!

While you may not work with your spouse, the tips above might be a good for you to incorporate in your marriage. You can’t go wrong with focusing on the person closest to you.

What tips do you have on working with your spouse or keeping the balance in your family?

Isis and her husband, Lee, are owners of enduraLAB, Fort Worth’s first endurance gym and proud parents to Jack and Isla. Isis blogs about her running adventures, which coincidentally involve chasing after her 2 year old, on her blog called The Running Couple. If you don’t catch her at the gym or on the trails, she is reading books with the babe, painting her nails with bright colors or cooking up paleo meals for the fam. She is a bit of a social butterfly, so follow her on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and join her Facebook Group - Fort Worth Moms.


  1. Love this! My husband and I have worked together for the last 5 years. 4 of those years have been running our own business. People think we are crazy but for some reason it just works for us and I wouldn’t have it any other way! 🙂

  2. I love this, Isis! And I totally agree about marriage coming first. They are who will be with us long after the snotty noses are gone. Thanks for writing!! 🙂


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