Unplug Yourself!

Ok, EVERYBODY HANG ON TO YOUR BRITCHES! I have a shocking announcement. In the month of June FACEBOOK went down one evening for 30 minutes! Luckily, I was too busy bribing my child with Nutella to eat her dinner and didn’t notice. But if I had – I think I might have peed myself (thanks to two pregnancies).


But seriously, Facebook went out. And people lost their minds. These are some words I read online about the outage: panic, outrage, confusion. This is how people felt when it came back on: delight, relief.

What the heck has Mark Zuckerberg done to us, people?  He has made us CRAZY and he is a genius.

What does this have to do with moms? A lot!

First things first, “Hi, I’m Anna, and I’m addicted to Facebook.”

Facebook can lead to mommy guilt. While mommy guilt has ALWAYS been around, social media can make it worse. Everyone knows a Mommy Bragger (maybe it’s you – yikes!) We all think our own kids are awesome, but really, do we need to brag all over Facebook? What is our motive for this? Can’t we just brag to our moms and besties and leave it at that? Not only is bragging to everyone on Earth not cool and annoying – it can make your readers/followers/friends feel bad. Wait, my kid hasn’t reached [insert milestone], is something wrong?  

Facebook is legitimately addictive and many demographic reports say women ages 18-29 are its main users. This age group includes a lot of us (ok, well not me because I’m 34-I mean 30, uh, er, uh, 28, Ok, I’m 34).  One day I proclaimed proudly to my hubs, “You’ll be so proud of me, I only went on Facebook 2 times today.” When he was shocked (but in the wrong way), I realized that maybe I had a problem. I think for many of us, Facebook becomes something that we absent-mindedly pop on throughout the day and those dang “notfications” didn’t make this any better. They are like crack. 14 Notifications!! Woohoo! or only 1 notification? Man! Remember those days before FB when we just stood in line and Target or just sat there when our friends went to the bathroom at a restaurant. Why must we be constantly connected? Where is our contentment in being still? I want that back.

Facebook can distract from important relationships. Have you ever been in  a room with a man on a gaming system or watching Sports Center? Have you ever tried to have a discussion with a man playing X-Box or watching ESPN? I was once chased by a pack of rabid boys on a youth trip because I tripped over a cord plugging in 5 TVs supporting one giant game of Halo. It was scary and I stayed in hiding for at least an hour.  I think we mommies have become the same way with Facebook. Why do we care more about what our FB friends think of our new picture than a conversation with our husband? Why must we post a picture of our kids, instead of just enjoying them and remembering it?  I want to live in the moment and often I don’t.

Facebook can be good: promoting businesses, hang outs, THIS BLOG, etc. But, I think we could all use a little cleanse. Here are some ideas to choose from.

1. Take Facebook off of your phone.

2. Don’t check Facebook when your kids are awake.

3. Don’t check Facebook when your husband is home.

4. Allow no more than 2 Facebook checks a day.

For a laugh, read this.


Have you ever unplugged? What was it like? How did you feel?


Anna is wife to Matt and mom to two little ladies: Charlie and Georgia, and dog mom to the best dog ever, Attie, and the worst little Beagle ever, Toby. Besides chasing around her girls full time, Anna spends her spare time running her business, Fit4Mom SW Fort Worth. And can be found enjoying British TV, dark chocolate, and a good cup of coffee with her husband.


  1. Why yes, I have unplugged from Facebook before. I even wrote a song about it. I’m unplugged from it now and it feels SO GOOD. When you deactivate your account (instead of just not going on as much), you realize just how much it has taken over your life ;). It’s nice to take a break.

  2. I’ve unplugged before. Every summer I take at least a one week break from all social media (blogging included). I remove it from my phone, as well as all shortcuts from my computer. It’s okay not to know what someone is eating for lunch for a few days. :p

  3. I missed the Facebook shutdown, which I must admit I am surprised by! I need to unplug more – especially nights and weekends when the huz is home.Good tips to follow!

  4. I HAVE unplugged before, and it was GREAT! I actually have a “Redeem the Time Pledge” on my blog ( https://faithandcomposition.wordpress.com/2013/04/19/redeem-the-time-mini-pledge-a-weekend-without-social-media/ ) that challenges readers to unplug from all social media for a weekend. The great thing is that it encourages you to take the pledge with a friend and to tell others about it so you’re accountable. It’s a bit easier unplugging with someone else. Speaking of it … I think I need to take the pledge again very soon! 🙂


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