When Your Friend Starts Selling Something

I remember the day my best friend announced her new business. She was selling haircare products that I thought were too expensive, and I couldn’t figure out why she decided to do it.

A few days later, she reached out to me about selling with her, and my initial thought was, “No way!” And if I’m being really honest, it probably included some subconscious thoughts like: I would never do that. Isn’t she worried about what people will think?

But all I said out loud was, “I’d love to try them. Will you send me a sample?”

Let’s Dish

I started using the products and later signed up to buy from her. They made my hair feel great! But that was it. I didn’t really think about it again. I never checked on her, never asked how her business was going. Didn’t say a single thing about it. 

A few months later, we were catching up on the phone and I happened to ask about it for the first time. She told me how much money she was making and my jaw dropped! I had been looking for a way to add income to my family while still being available for my kids. Suddenly I was curious about this small business, and within a week, I was on board too.

Never, ever, did I think I would sell products. But when I thought long and hard about the reasons why I didn’t want to try it, they were all related to fear and pride. And that’s not who I want to be.

So I took the risk, jumped in head-first, and have experienced blessing after blessing since. Conversations with people I hadn’t spoken to in years. Opportunities to encourage others and pray with those going through hard things. It’s given me a reason to dream again and set goals I can achieve. I’ve learned some amazing lessons about myself and realized I needed to confess and apologize to a few friends, too.

The Inside Scoop

When you’re on the outside, you can’t see the hard work others are putting into it, or the ways it is helping them bless others. So if you have a friend selling something, here’s my advice to you: Stop rolling your eyes and start supporting your friends.

Behind every social media post about a product is a friend trying to help her family. Sure, some are awkward. Some are pushy. Some only post on Facebook about their products using a thousand exclamation points, and that makes you quickly scroll right through.

But just remember, those posts are put out there by a mom who is trying to send her child to camp or pay for next month’s car payment. It’s someone you know and love who is juggling a new business with other responsibilities to try and improve her family’s financial situation.

You may not need her products, but you can still encourage her and support her goals. Give her a like when she puts herself out there in a new way. Comment on he social media posts. Simply ask her, “How’s it going?” Say something. 

It may not be a business she invented, but it’s still her business — and she is working hard to succeed. So be a friend, and support the ones you love. And one day, when you decide to do something new and outside of your comfort zone, hopefully your friends will be there to support you, too.

Jenny is a West Texas girl who married her best friend and Baylor sweetheart, Chris, in 2005. She spent her 20s running marathons and traveling as a writer and photographer for a global ministry, Buckner International. In 2012, she and Chris became parents to son Miller and in 2015 to daughter Emmeline, who was diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disease, Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) – type 1. Now Jenny lives in Burleson, Chris’ hometown, and focuses her time on caring for her daughter and helping other families of medically-fragile children. Jenny loves Jesus, family, good coffee and wine, meaningful conversations, musical theater, shopping, and porch sitting. And an occasional run, or walk. Whatever. (Photo courtesy of: Uneartherd Photography).


  1. This is so good! Yes. Starting a business can be hard and like you said it may not be something you have to purchase but even supporting by like a post, writing a short comment or sharing on your stories can mean so much to your friend. Fort Worth has so many amazing small businesses and many are run by moms like you shared about so thank you for writing this.


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