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The Secret Thing I Learned by Turning 40

In all honesty, my 20s and 30s were rough. I have many fond memories, had some great jobs, took some fun trips, and met some incredible people, but I still wasn’t really sure who I was or who I wanted to be.

The Strangeness of the Emptying Nest

I can despise being an emptying nester and being in this unchartered territory, spoken about only in hushed whispers, or I can stake my claim in this season and relish all the moments that led to this and every tiny win I experience here.

How to Reduce Signs of Aging

While most of women start worrying about aging in their 30s or 40s, experts say to begin an anti-aging regimen as early as your mid-20s. The earlier you start, the less extreme (and expensive!) measures you’ll have to take later in life. 

Top 10 Blog Posts :: 2017

It is with great joy that we share the top 10 most read blog posts from 2017 -- in no particular order, mind you!

Retire Your Excuses :: Save for Retirement!

Any amount of savings that you can build into your budget is better than zero. This is because the idea with retirement is compounding. Thanks to compounding, it is never too early or too late to save for retirement. Here are some items to get you started saving, or if you’re an established saver, some suggestions.

3 Things You Don’t Know About Pelvic Treatment Options

I see women every day who have suffered from pelvic floor disorders for years, only to find out there are solutions. Most women come to me and say, “I didn’t know I could get this fixed.”

I’m Old and Awesome – Why Turning 40 Rocks

I'm getting old. My 40th birthday is on the horizon, and before I remind you to respect your elders and get off my lawn, I've got some great news to share. This age is AWESOME.