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School Lunches :: No Need to Heat to Eat!

So right now, we are getting creative with food that can be eaten cold or at room temperature. Whether at home, at a pod, actually attending school, or anything in between, here are some of the current faves.

Hey There Mom, You Did It!

I'm not celebrating us strolling in with flat abs and well-rounded kids. I'm not counting success as everyone made it to September better off or in better health. I'm celebrating the wonderful fact that we made it. You made it to today. That matters.

Dear Fellow Teacher, I See You

I see you all. I am here for you all. I stand with you all. None of us went into the teaching profession for the fame and fortune it brings. We chose this career because of our desire to help others. And sometimes, it is the teachers, themselves, that need the help.

Back to School . . . Sort Of :: Momfessions Podcast...

Beth and Emily chose different schooling options for their kids. They talk about this civilly. They are still friends. Be like Beth and Emily. ;-)

Practical Tips for Returning to Learning During COVID-19

With all the uncertainties COVID-19 brings, there is sure to be some anxiety when school starts.

How We’re Preparing Our Child (and Ourselves) for Kindergarten

We know that day in mid-August is coming, so we're doing a few things to prepare him— and us—for the inevitable: kindergarten.

Along Came Middle School :: Helping Your Atypical Child Transition from...

Often, atypical kids are more anxious about everyday things that many kids do not even stress about. Prepping him on where he can find the bathroom, when and where he will eat, and how to open his locker will help him feel more comfortable with such a tremendous change in school settings.