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Making a Change in Youth Sports :: Who’s With Me?

It was opening day for my boys.  Not the majors, or even little league. Just recreational baseball through the city. But it was still opening...

Learning Life Lessons and Love from the Game of Baseball

As with any strong emotional memory from our past, if the crack of the bat, the crunch of peanuts beneath your feet, or the tuning of the television or radio antenna to just the right degree brings back feelings of comfort and warmth, then you might be a longtime baseball fan.

I Want to Be a Jackie and Rachel Robinson

Jackie and Rachel's story encourages me to work to improve my own character and inner strength. Maybe in some area of my life I won't be the best, but maybe I can be the one whose character can handle suffering for the benefit of many others.

An Open Letter to Youth Coaches Everywhere

You have taken on a huge task -- one that most of us won't even consider -- and your influence is far-reaching. What you are doing out there on that field isn't about the trophy, it isn't about being the best team, and it honestly isn't even about the sport.

The Sports Fan’s Guide to TCU

When you’re in Fort Worth, you’re in horned frog country. No matter your sport, Texas Christian University (TCU) has a proud legacy and a loyal following for you to enjoy. The Fort Worth Moms Blog has all the tips, tricks, and other info you'll need to ensure a fun, complication-free TCU sports experience. Go frogs!

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