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Celebrating Black/African American History Every Day

In the end, I learned that one month was never meant to cover a whole year's worth of cultural pride. It was a moment to be recharged, reinvigorated, and inspired to pursue ongoing cultural investigation and activity.

21-Day Reading Challenge

The truth is not that I lack free time; it’s just that I’ve allowed my habit of scrolling and reading 280 characters or less to hijack the discipline it takes to sit and read a book. I’ve allowed myself to be too busy to read, even though reading has always been something I enjoy. So, I’m giving myself a challenge, and I'm asking you to join me.

Books to Be Grateful For {Seven Books on Gratitude and Thankfulness}

In a time of commercial-free kids' shows and Amazon Prime, teaching gratitude to your kids is no easy task. It is more than reminding your children to say "thanks" or to write a thank-you note. It is instilling in them a mindful heart for others and an ability to recognize beauty and blessings in the day-to-day. Gratitude is also the lesson of looking at life from someone's point of view.

Spring Book Picks from a Librarian Mom

There are so many things happening in the spring, and loading up on books from the public library or book store is a fantastic way to help spring burst onto the scene at home. Here are my picks for spring books by topic.

Five Ways to Help Kids Who Worry

When expecting my daughter, I wondered if she'd inherit my green eyes and creativity. I didn't think much, however, about the traits I hoped she and I would not share. As luck and genetics would have it, we're both big worry warts. My heart sinks every time she wrings her hands and bites the inside of her lip. I can relate to the helpless feeling worry can bring.

Five Reasons to Fall in Love with the Fort Worth Library

If you're new to the Fort Worth Library, like I was, below are five general categories of offerings that await you. Go ahead and explore; you might just fall in love!

Hippity Hoppity, Time to Read {FWMB’s Favorite Easter Books}

With Easter around the corner, you may be on the hunt for some new books to add to your child's collection. I love giving my children two new books each Easter -- one ahead of time to prepare for the season, and one to put in their basket on Easter Sunday. I'm always surprised at which books become their favorites! Some are silly, some are serious. Some have great illustrations, and others are terrible. Really, terrible. So I’m here to save you time and money, and offer up some of my family’s very favorite, mom and kid-approved Easter books.