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What It Is Like to Be a Black Mother :: Momfessions...

In this episode, we hear from Stephanie, who is an accomplished professional, community supporter, and a mother of two. She is also a Black woman.

We Have to Teach Them

When a boy flips her ponytail on the playground, even after being asked to stop, we don’t tell that little girl that it means he likes her. We tell that little boy that it’s not okay to touch someone without their consent. He needs to stop. Now.

How to Stop Bullying in Elementary School. For Real.

Because humans aren’t perfect and children can’t possibly know what they haven’t been taught, it is entirely plausible that even the best kids are unknowing contributors to the bullying problem at large. THIS is the secret spot where the solution lives.

Cinderfella! Chores and Boys

Boys are not exempt from household chores! In fact, I have learned they like to be helpful in the home when given the opportunity. The key is consistency in having a plan, providing them with explicit instruction, and modeling how you want things done first.

Learning to Play with My Children

My two boys, sweaty around the temples with sticky popsicle mustaches were riding their balance bikes on the deck the other day. They came...