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Virtual Bloom 2021 :: An Event for New and Expecting Moms

This event is for pregnant women and mothers parenting children ages zero to two — foster and adoptive moms included.

Breast Versus Bottle :: Momfessions Podcast :: Episode 43

What started out as a light-hearted chat about Beth and Emily's differing feeding choices turned into a moving -- and at times surprising -- discussion with other mothers about the pressures women encounter when it comes to feeding journeys during the baby stage.

8 Things I’d Tell a First-Time Mom About Breastfeeding

We live in an age where we can read about the experience of 50 different moms’ experiences breastfeeding within an hour and yet I’ve found all that really did for me was lead to overwhelm. Anyone with a platform can spew misinformation about breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding Resources in & Around Tarrant County

New baby in the house or on the way? Does the question of breastfeeding have your head spinning? Tarrant County has a plethora of knowledge to help answer your questions and guide you to make the choices best for your family. 

Breastfeeding Different Babies :: From a Mother of Four

Breastfeeding each of my kids has come with unique sacrifices, some with large learning curves and weeks of pain, but for me the gifts have out weighed the hardships each time. 

Top Reasons to Breastfeed :: Why You Should, Myths Surrounding It,...

Most mothers with commitment, perseverance, and support are able to be successful with breastfeeding, and we want to help you find your tribe that makes you as successful as possible.

Five Reasons to Attend Bloom 2019

Still on the fence about attending Bloom :: An Event for New & Expecting Moms??? This is an event for pregnant moms and/or moms who are currently...