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Food Fights :: Momfessions Podcast :: Episode 31

"Food is a big deal" is our favorite quote from episode 31. And we spend our time talking about it and how food impacts our emotions and relationships.

Love Food by First Loving Yourself

In the practice of becoming more open and vulnerable with you, I will admit this blog post was much more difficult to write than I expected due to the unresolved pain caused by others in the past over my food choices and habits. I believe people’s food choices should never be the subject of ridicule, judgement or backhanded comments.

A Case Not to Diet

Diets are not all bad, per se, and they obviously help tons of people lose weight and grow into a more healthy lifestyle, but for some (like me) dieting has wreaked havoc on my mental state when it came to how I viewed myself, my body, and food.

Mama, Break that Food-Shame Cycle :: Momfessions Podcast :: Episode 15

With lines like "you can trust yourself around food," and disecting the shame cycle that sometimes surrounds dieting, this is an important, practical, and helpful listen for any woman -- mom or not.