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Making a Change in Youth Sports :: Who’s With Me?

It was opening day for my boys.  Not the majors, or even little league. Just recreational baseball through the city. But it was still opening...

Write for Fort Worth Moms

Fort Worth Moms is searching for new writers to join our team!

What It Is Like to Be a Black Mother :: Momfessions...

In this episode, we hear from Stephanie, who is an accomplished professional, community supporter, and a mother of two. She is also a Black woman.

Teaching Children About Diversity :: Momfessions Podcast :: Episode 16

No matter the hue of your skin or the texture of you hair, these are conversations we need to have with each other -- mother to mother. Those discussions can foster ideas that will impact our parenting, and that parenting will impact the future our children inherit.

Being and Raising White Allies

What matters is how privilege is used. Understand this: No one is asking white people to relinquish or feel ashamed of their privilege. White people need to acknowledge this privilege and use it for good.