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Dads, You Have Our Hearts!

Sometimes it’s during a season of illness that you discover how great your people are. That has been the case for my husband and I during this season.

A Fatherless Father’s Day

My husband and his dad were actually looking forward to spending time together and celebrating this Father's Day. That's no longer possible.

To My Single Mother on Father’s Day: Thank You.

You cooked and baked with us. You took us fishing. You kept on top of our schoolwork, ensuring we studied and did our projects on time. You taught us to drive a stick-shift car in the empty high school parking lot. You met first dates at the door with a stern, sometimes fumbling, always cautious greeting. You prayed every day for us to have the lives, the education, the relationships, you never did.

Deep in the Heart of Texas Daddies

Most of what makes Texans awesome is already well known. It’s not like we’ve been shy about telling everyone. But if you pull away the layers of our story and find the quiet places where our roots meet the earth, you’ll find the reason behind our strength. You will also find out why people shouldn’t mess with Texas women: Texas daddies.

:: GIVEAWAY :: Father’s Day Rangers Tickets

The Fort Worth Moms Blog is giving away TWO TICKETS to the Texas Rangers game happening on Father's Day.

The Importance of Men in the Lives of Children

Without good men who step up and choose to love not just their own children, but also the children of others, our society would quickly crumble.

Things I Learned from My Husband About Parenting

I'm a believer that moms and dads are divinely different. Every time I see my husband interact with my kids, I'm reminded of the unique things my husband brings to the lives of our kiddos. Some things just come more naturally to him than it does for me.