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Coping with an Uninvovled Grandparent :: Momfessions Podcast :: Episode 17

This is a rather juicy episode where we go bold or go home: We are talking about uninvovled grandparents.

My Grandparents’ Legacies

When I think of my grandparents' lives, I'm amazed at all their resilience, toughness, and lack of bitterness. I also see how easy I have had it and how blessed I am to learn from them and be loved by them.

Alzheimer’s :: Staying Strong for Your Loved Ones

My grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2010 after we accepted that something was wrong. She had left the stove on more than once and had forgotten to take her medicine. It was our wake-up call to seek help.

The (Grand)Father Treasure

My kids didn’t realize for years that he is actually my grandfather and not theirs, such are the continued relationships we are blessed to watch unfold. If I can be half the grandparent that he has been to me, I’ll feel like a success.

Top 10 Blog Posts :: 2017

It is with great joy that we share the top 10 most read blog posts from 2017 -- in no particular order, mind you!

Momfession Monday :: Taxed by the Giving Grandparents

It is not loving us when they spend without thought for future financial needs or retirement. It is not selfless of them to give only what they assume we would want -- what they believe is good for us without reference to our tastes, preferences, or actual needs.

Momfession Monday: Coping with the Uninvolved Grandparent

My parents make jokes in front of me that they are just "free babysitters" even though they never. ever. babysit. They've never even had my children overnight. When they do spend a few hours with them alone, all I hear about are the 6,000 sacrifices that they made for me to run that errand (not even a date night!). This is not about a free babysitter. This is about the lack of desire in their hearts to want to be present for our children.