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Nine Ideas to Cope with Grief This Christmas

I continually search for ways to hold on to my memories and honor him, as well as the family and friends I have lost, and I've gathered a few ideas to share with you. 

Teaching Our Kids to Mourn

While it's not something particularly pleasant to consider, I firmly believe that we have an obligation as parents to teach our children how to mourn as surely as we teach them to ride a bike.

Keeping the Memory of Your Loved One Alive for Your Kids

The thought of my children growing up and not really being impacted by his life makes me sad. So, I am a mom on a mission to keep my dad's memory alive for my children. Here are some ways you can do the same.

Why Some of Us Secretly Hate Mother’s Day

But if you know anyone who has suffered the loss of their mother, or a child, or infertility, be gentle and be compassionate. If they don't want to attend church or Sunday brunch, bring Sunday brunch to them. Remember, some of us can't help the tragedies that have befallen us. We have to cope with deep wounds through no fault of our own, therefore, a hug and an understanding heart is always appreciated.

A C-Section, a Still Birth, and Baby K

As I watched the monitor and Dr. S. moved on to Baby B, I remember feeling an immediate sense of dread, just knowing that something was wrong. The change on his face confirmed it. His voice choked up: “That baby is dead.”

Five Ways to Support a Fellow Mom Going Through a Crisis

In my adult life, I have experienced divorce, the tragic death of a coworker, infertility, my daughter's LONG NICU stay, and autism diagnosis. Before...

Having the (Other) Talk: Grieving the Loss of the Family Pet

My husband came home a complete mess; "The vet says he has four weeks left to live." This was not the news I was expecting to...