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Why I Keep My Spiritual Tank off “E”

When my spiritual tank is empty, I find no matter how "perfect" my weight, no matter how great my hair looks, no matter how much money and cool stuff I have, no matter how wonderful my husband or how precious my children, I am not at peace. Outside, things in my life may be going great, but that doesn't mean things within feel right.

To My Fellow Medical Mamas

Getting educated is invaluable, but getting frantic isn't. Let's not waste our time allowing anxiety to skyrocket as we help propel it forward. Medical moms, you already have enough natural, to-be-expected stress over your situations and certainly don't need to create more. Do your research when you're in the right frame of mind: curious, wanting more information, and calm.

Mama’s Organizational System

Let me start by saying no sane person is ALWAYS organized! But I would be insane if I did not have my systems in place. Who has time for systems? YOU DO, mama -- and in fact, having them will save you time, frustration, and energy.

Maintaining a Friendship After Motherhood

We were not meant to work through motherhood alone. Keeping friends after motherhood helps keep me sane. We talk about anything and everything: married life, single life, divorced life, anything that is going on with myself and my kids. My friends provide me with a reassurance as well as realization that I am not alone in this journey. 

Breast Self-Exam How-To . . . and Why It Matters

Even though mammograms are an important diagnostic tool that enables doctors to detect breast cancer before a lump can be felt, breast self-exams help women become familiar with how their breasts both look and feel so that they can quickly alert their doctors should they detect any changes.

The Warrior Momma (of Special Needs) Handbook to Self-Care

Self-care is not a luxury when raising a child(ren) with special needs. It is downright essential to your well being and to the well being of your family. Pouring from an empty cup is the least of our worries when you think about it: Self-care, or taking your child to an appointment with the specialist that took six months to get? And boom . . . down the list it goes once again.

Knowing When to Break Up with Your Doctor

As a chronic migraine patient, I need a neurologist whose office can be accessible for severe episodes. When my doctor of several years advised me multiple times to go to the ER during his regular office hours, rather than deliver his promised accessibility for treatment, I knew it was time to break up.