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The Homeschool Choice {with Bonus Resources}

We are all doing our best, no matter what type of schooling is best for your family. I am excited for all of the schooling options that are now available. Homeschool groups, homeschool co-ops (where you can take single classes), partial-week schools, and democratic schools are just a few alternatives.

Guide to Homeschool Co-Ops, Private Schools, & University Model Schools in...

Fort Worth Moms is proud to bring you our "Guide to Homeschool Co-Ops, Private Schools, & University Model Schools in Tarrant County." This guide features educational options all across Tarrant County to help you find the right fit for your family. 

What Moms Decided About the 2020 – 2021 School Year

I contacted the moms interviewed for the May piece to find out what decisions they made for fall schooling. Did their questions get answered? Did their ideas and choices evolve over the summer?

So You’re Thinking About Homeschooling

You can create a truly personalized education plan for YOUR child. If something isn’t working, you can change it. This past school year, I changed my son’s math curriculum in November. I also took two months off from phonics, because he was dreading every lesson. Guess what. It was fine.

Life After Homeschooling

I know myself well enough to know that if no kids are at home, I won't be there either. I'm not a homebody, don't like alone time, and prefer a challenge. Being a wife and mother are the most important things to me, but they aren't the sum of who and what I am. There's plenty more, and I'm looking ahead to what that means for me as a person.