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50 Lessons on My 50th Birthday

My 50th birthday is a milestone that comes with reflection, especially after this last year of global pause. My gift to you on this prestigious occasion are these 50 lessons I’ve learned in my 50 years.

Working in a Restaurant Made Me a Better Mom

Restaurant work has helped me be able to handle intense days. No matter how crazy my days are with my kids, it doesn't compare to the immediate pressure I felt working on a busy night in a restaurant.

My Grandparents’ Legacies

When I think of my grandparents' lives, I'm amazed at all their resilience, toughness, and lack of bitterness. I also see how easy I have had it and how blessed I am to learn from them and be loved by them.

Alzheimer’s :: Staying Strong for Your Loved Ones

My grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2010 after we accepted that something was wrong. She had left the stove on more than once and had forgotten to take her medicine. It was our wake-up call to seek help.