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10 Ways to Celebrate Loving Day

alk to them about stories you’ve heard, people you know, and the things you see. Don’t just shush someone when they ask a question or say something ignorant. Talk to them about it and help them understand. 

Valentine Reflections for My Teens

Mom guilt would strike at the most random times, and I would wonder if I should force the issue of sibling scavenger hunts and heart-shaped food?

4 Black-Inclusive Books :: How to Create Positive Self-Image for Black...

At the tender ages of one and two, my husband and I added books to our children's book collection that depicted Black boys and girls on cover, because reading is fundamental at this age. It is also important to see and identify with the images on the page.

26 Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Whole Family

The list includes a variety of price points, but overall gives a nod to many local businesses as well as non-toxic items to add to your home — nary a chocolate box or rose in sight! 

The Glory of Old and Lasting Love

As the years go by and the feelings settle in, I’ve found contentment in the familiarity and stability born from the mundane that comes after the sparks fly.

Kids Answer: What Is Love?

Because today is Valentine's Day, we thought it would be fun to ask our FWMB kids what they think love is. Some answers will make you laugh, some make you say "Awww," and some make you believe truth really does come from the mouth of babes. Read through, and the ask your kids the same question! Post their responses in the comments!

What Is Love?

Appropriately coined, “The Love Chapter,” one of the most well known and oft-quoted Bible passages is 1 Corinthians 13. Many a bride and groom...