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There’s a First Time for Everything :: Motherhood Edition

As moms, we do all we can to keep memories of our children fresh in our minds. But what about our firsts? Moms of all stages can attest to the constant barrage of newness, so here's to a few motherhood firsts.

Tree Night Is Tops

Traditions are good enough in themselves; they provide a stability, framework, and anchor to childhood. But to me, Tree Night also serves to remind us where we've been, where we are, and that no matter where we're going, we're going there together. It provides context and produces gratefulness. And it's really fun.

4 Questions About Birth Photography You Were Too Polite to Ask

Fort Worth photographer Bree Perez of Bree Linne Photography answers four questions about birth photography you were too polite to ask.

Sharing My Childhood with My Children

About six months after my husband and I got married, I received a very special present from my mother -- several boxes of childhood...

Memory Keeping: Three Simple Ideas for Moms

Recording every. single. memory. Whether it's by photo or the written word, we as moms feel intense pressure to document every little thing our children...

Why I Don’t Like Mother’s Day

I’m not a fan of most bank holidays--Columbus Day, Washington’s Birthday, the holidays that mean business doesn’t run as usual, but no need to...

Making Your House a Home

I started nesting somewhere around the eighth month of my first pregnancy and haven’t stopped since. Nearly four years later, I still find that...