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Expert Panel Discussion on Children’s Mental Health {Resources Included}

As promised in the video, we've included a listing of local resouces and support for kiddos and parents struggling to navigate mental health challenges.

Mom & Mental Health :: Momfessions Podcast :: Episode 41

In this episode, Beth shares candidly about her 20-year journey with mental health challenges. Emily talks too about how grief triggered panic attacks in her life. It's a powerful episode, and one we think many can relate to.

How to Help a Mother Who Had to Admit Her Child...

None of my friends had gone through anything remotely similar with their children. And honestly, if they had, they probably wouldn't have shared such a sensitive thing with me for fear of embarrassment.

3 Tips for Stressed Parents

From worrying about remote learning, finding care for their children while they continue to work, or being able to work if they or a family member become infected, stressors have proven costly on their mental health and overall wellness.

When Medicine and Emotions Intersect

Honestly, too many of us have either lost years suffering greatly at the advice of a medical professional or lived a zombie-like existence catering to physical pain with meds and losing their pizzazz.

20 Ways to Handle Personal Tragedy

Tragic moments and hard times will reach all of us and our children as well. We want to shelter them, but that isn’t always the best way to help them gain acceptance. Part of strong mental health — a huge part of it — is the ability to accept things as they are.

Takeaways from Therapy That Have Changed My Life

Although I haven't been to therapy since my time in the hospital, there are many things I learned while in outpatient therapy that have stuck with me.