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What We Wish We Knew About the Middle School Years ::...

This episode is also known as the jackpot of parenting. Hear GREAT tips and encouragements from mothers, who have already walked through the middle school years with their kiddos.

The Sane Mom’s Guide to Parenting Middle School Kids

Meal times at home, bedtime routines, conversations in the car. Any time you can give your middle schooler some space to talk, connect, and just relax -- do it.

2021 Differences in STAAR Testing

So, what do you need to know about STAAR testing changes this year, given the pandemic?

Momfession Monday :: Middle School Mothering and Girl Drama

As my daughter experienced being left out of new cliques with friends since birth and “mean girl” drama, I was shocked with what happened among my peers. Despite promises to the contrary, my mom “tribe” were unwilling to intervene.

An Open Letter to Middle School Teachers

I don’t think you realize just how thankful I am for you, choosing to give your life for the betterment of the future. Attempting to shape the minds of tweens/teens is not a job for the weak. It means dealing with physical and emotional changes for them.

Along Came Middle School :: Helping Your Atypical Child Transition from...

Often, atypical kids are more anxious about everyday things that many kids do not even stress about. Prepping him on where he can find the bathroom, when and where he will eat, and how to open his locker will help him feel more comfortable with such a tremendous change in school settings.