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To the Woman Who Raised Me

I'm sure when you were a little girl and dreamed of becoming a mom, I wasn't exactly what you pictured. You didn't carry me or birth me, but you raised me and taught me how to be a wife and a mother. And most important, you loved me and were just the mom I needed and wanted. 

To All the Unseen “Mothers”

If you care for, protect, influence, and invest in children, thank you for being a "mother" in an unconventional way. As you long for children who live right now only in your dreams, your mother’s heart does not go unnoticed. Let’s celebrate the women in our lives who may feel invisible this Mother’s Day.

A Very Merry Mother’s Day Interview

For Mother's Day, I decided to interview my mom about all things motherhood. Although we live together, we've never really had a chance to discuss what motherhood was like for her or how she views me as a mom. We did this via phone, as she was out of town for work. I did have to edit out some funny moments in order to keep this as concise as possible, but I learned a lot about her in the process. I love you, mom!

Your Guide to Mom Phrases

Moms know pretty much everything, and they spend decades imparting their wisdom and instruction. And because kids are not always excellent listeners, moms often say the same things over and over. And this is how my wonderful mother came to be known for her famous phrases.

I’m Turning into My Mother

After that moment, I stopped worrying I would become my mother and began praying I could emulate her in even the tiniest of ways. When I scoop my babies into hugs and give them wild kisses over their faces and necks, I bask in their giggles and remember my own. As we chuckle about toots and dig joyously in the backyard, I hope I pass on her down-to-earth humor and sense of adventure.

Favorite Mother’s Day Memories

When you become a mother you suddenly see Mother's Day in a whole new light. We pitched this question to our FWMB team: What is your favorite Mother's Day memory? The answers reveal that the small moments of love exchanged and understanding how ridiculously blessed we are to be "mom" are truly the treasures we tuck in our minds and hearts. Our answers are below, but we'd love to hear yours too! Comment with your favorite Mother's Day memory.

The Woman I Want You to Know

My mom wasn't perfect, and neither am I. And though I'm different from her in some ways, much of the mothering I do is layered with her influence. Looking forward, I hope that someday I see my children parenting in ways that improve upon what they learned from me.