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Food Fights :: Momfessions Podcast :: Episode 31

"Food is a big deal" is our favorite quote from episode 31. And we spend our time talking about it and how food impacts our emotions and relationships.

A Growing Fondness for Fruits & Veggies

Getting our daughter involved in growing, harvesting, and preparing food from our garden takes a lot of the "scary" out. I'm okay when she pops a fresh tomato in her mouth and doesn't chew it, because to me getting the fruit/vegetable in her mouth is half the battle.

Why I Let My Picky Eaters Be Picky

I hope one day my kids will broaden their palate a little bit, but I do not try to push anything right now. Why? Keep reading . . . 

10 Tips for Mealtime Battles

Instead of dreaming for this phase to end, there are ways to make mealtimes pleasant and enjoyable for the whole family starting right now. Let me share a few general tips on how de-stress mealtimes at home.

Dinner Doesn’t Have to Be a Disaster {A Feeding Therapist’s Guide...

Nowadays, I find myself sharing my dinner table with a tiny tyrant who throws more food than he consumes most nights whilst I struggle to maintain a shred of composure. I won't pretend to have all the answers because my walls are currently covered with a layer of cottage cheese and I recently found a sad, shriveled carrot tucked carefully into the blinds IN MY BEDROOM. What’s a girl to do?

How to Raise Healthy Eaters

"Instead of focusing on what your child shouldn’t eat, focus on what he or she gets to eat! Encourage your child to be open to trying new food items and different flavor profiles."

Food Wars

It's no question that raising kids is hard work. With my oldest being five, I've endured the pains of sleepless nights, potty training, tantrums,...