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Raising Biracial Children

It's up to us to raise our kids not to tolerate prejudice and to teach them that blending cultures and races is amazing and normal. The only way for us to do that is to be the example. We have to show our kids and support the beauty of a blended family. 

Parenting and Racial Justice

There will come a time when my daughter is pulled over by the police and yours is in the passenger side. I'll need your child to know that mine doesn't have the luxury of arguing with the police, her hands need to be seen at all times, and when she goes to reach for her ID or insurance card, she has to let the officer know her next moves.

Dismantling Racism Through Intentional Parenting :: Momfessions Podcast :: Episode 26

Join Beth and Emily -- wherever you are on this road and where they are -- to journey together . . . and to commit to learn more about how to dismantle racism in and through our parenting.

But I’m Not Racist

It may not be our fault. We may be innocent in and of ourselves, but these are issues we have inherited and sadly they are now ours to deal with.

And I Worry

I know now, as best as I can, that the color of his skin matters, that it touches every aspect of his life in a way I can't possibly fully comprehend. 

Being and Raising White Allies

What matters is how privilege is used. Understand this: No one is asking white people to relinquish or feel ashamed of their privilege. White people need to acknowledge this privilege and use it for good.