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Getting Schooled by School :: 12 Lessons I’ve Learned Being a...

As an extrovert who was at home with kids all day long, I’d jump at any and every chance to get out the door on a date with the husband or my girlfriends in the evening. But now I want to spend the few hours I get with them all together if possible.

Food Allergy Moms Neighbor Group Prepares Parents for Back-to-School

This group shares news and information about medication changes, costs, and shortages, along with developments in research, protocol, and legislation. It is a focused resource for food allergy families in the community. Our hope is to create a safe place for moms from all walks of life to share stories and receive encouragement.

Educators: Your Investment Partners (Who Spend More Time with Your Child...

My job was to spark a lifelong love of learning, to encourage creativity, and to inspire confidence, tenacity, and self-advocacy. I was teaching these bright minds to share and think outside themselves, while reminding them of their worth and of the importance of self-care.

Protect Against Flu {While Kids Are at School}

Now that the winter break from school is almost over, this mama is racking her brain, thinking of ways we can keep the flu from our doorstep. These are the ideas floating through my mind . . . 

Curing the After School Blues

The beginning of the school year brings with it a new season of moodiness, and grumpiness, and all around unpleasantness in our once joyful, exuberant kids. The witching hour of babyhood returns with a vengeance once children reach elementary school. What can we we do to ease into evenings and make our afternoons just a bit less . . . cranky?

The Hidden War :: Facing School with Pediatric OCD

I will sit in the meeting and spend the entire half hour fighting the urge to stand on the table and shout, "Please don't rush me! This is IMPORTANT! He doesn't look sick, and he can fly under your radar, and I need you to UNDERSTAND that we can lose him!!!"  

School & Food Allergies :: Tips and Timelines

You want to have a plan in place before the first day of school -- a plan that is known by the administration and all staff members with whom your child will come in contact. The more lead time you have, the smoother the transition and the more time you have to iron out rough spots.