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Hey Mama, Take Your Time

He took time to admire the sky. "Airplane, Mommy, Airplane," he said. In this moment nothing else mattered. It took me away from of all of thoughts of "what if." Do I have dinner ready? What about the ants? What about the ground being too warm? Never mind all that.

Questions I Ask My Houseplants

The same questions I asked my plants are the same questions I must ask myself. Am I getting enough water throughout the day or am I parched? Have I soaked in the sun’s goodness, while being adequately lathered in sunscreen, during my daily walk or while playing in the backyard with my son?

Self-Care During a Summer Pandemic :: Momfessions Podcast :: Episode 23

Beth and Emily chat about the importance of self-care, their own summer transitions, and which tips can really make a difference.

Easter Hope in a Time of Quarantine

Times like these, ones in which we feel out of control, have the power to transform us. What feels like breaking may actually be exactly what is needed to move forward and to grow. Times like these cause us to step back and re-evaluate what really matters.

Redefining Self-Care :: One Mama’s Journey to Healthier Habits

Every mama I know works tirelessly to take care of a number of things, both in and out of the house. Her standards are high when it comes to the care of her family, and she often meets or exceeds them. But most whom I know forget or neglect to take care of themselves, often leaving their tanks on "E."

A Mom Tune-Up for Each Month of the Year

Here is my monthly guide to the mom tune-up that will help ensure you are never running on empty and are always ready to go. You must take care of yourself, mama, before you can take care of little people. 

What It Means to Be Sexy {Reflections of a Boudoir Photographer}

Revealing a client's images to her is amazing because I get to see that moment when it clicks for her. That “OH MY GOSH . . . that’s me!” moment. (And no, I don’t alter body shape or change what a person looks like.) It’s my absolute favorite. You can see in that instant, she understands she is absolutely sexy.